About us

The Rotary Club of D’Entrecasteaux Channel is one of 47 Rotary clubs across Tasmania.  It serves the Kingborough Municipality south of and including Margate, a town some 27km south of Hobart.  The club was chartered in 1983 as the Rotary Club of Margate, but the charter was amended in 1998 to reflect the broader community served by the club, namely the D’Entrecasteaux Channel.

Weekly meetings are held every Tuesday, 6.30 for 7pm, at the picturesque Villa Howden (77 Howden Road; turn off the Channel Highway at the Howden signpost).  Being a smaller club of 19 members all business is discussed at these meetings rather than holding separate board meetings.  As a result of shared decision making, all members feel included and therefore valued.  At present the gender mix is approximately 50:50 and ages range from mid-twenties to early seventies; however every member is actively involved in our projects.

New members are welcome to attend any of our weekly meetings and our special functions which are usually advertised in the Kingborough Chronicle.  Membership fees are $200 pa and there is a joining fee of $35.

Due to the area being predominantly rural, the club has a limited fundraising base compared with neighbouring urban clubs but we are still able to make a significant contribution to the Channel community.  There is an emphasis on projects and programs involving young people but Snug Village Aged Care also receives significant support.

Young people within the club’s service area can request financial support to assist them when they participate in state or national sporting or cultural events but there is a requirement that they assist in any fundraising activity organised on their behalf and that they attend a club meeting to provide members with a report of the event.